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About Us

Debra and Kay are both Roanoke, VA natives and lifelong stitchers.  They have known each other all their lives and even went to the same school.

Each one had a dream of one day owning their own needlepoint store and when the local shop in Roanoke closed, an opportunity arose.   

Neither knew the other was working on the idea until they both reached out for the same retail space.  It was only when they each got wind that another party was interested did they put two and two together and an amazing partnership was formed and Point on Piccadilly was born. 

You can find them working together at “The needlepoint clubhouse” on most days and when you do there is usually something hysterically funny they are laughing about!!!!!!!   

Both love to help customers find just the right canvas or the perfect threads to go along with it. 
Debra and Kay

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